Pin Up Kari Sweets – Panties Down

There’s been an outstanding new release in the Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection!!  This is from a behind the scenes video taken during one of Kari’s photoshoots where she was in Pinup girl style.  As Kari pulled down her panties for a tease the camera got a revealing view which you’re going to be delighted to see!  Here are some screenshots of Kari from the video, but to see the best bits completely uncensored and in high quality just head over to the official Kari Sweets >HERE< and feast your eyes on her pussy!

Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-1 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-2 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-3 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-4 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-5 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-6 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-7 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-8 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-9 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-10 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-11 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-12 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-13 Kari-Sweets-Panties-Down-14