Colombian girl in white denim shorts for Playboy Plus

Calypso Muse is posing for Playboy Plus in white denim cut-off shorts and a white t-shirt. While this gorgeous lady is actually a Colombian native she has lived all over the place, especially around Europe. “I have lived in France and Italy. Now, I am based in Greece,” she says. It’s quite fortunate that she’s good at learning languages, “My special talent? I am good at languages, [I speak] Spanish, English, French and Italian fluently, and now I am starting to learn Greek!” It must be really sexy listening to her speak in them, she’s clearly very talented.
Calypso is relaxed in front of the camera and acts herself. “How do I feel about posing nude? Free,” she explains.
If you’d like to go on a date with Calypso, she gives a quick tip about what she looks for in a guy, “Self-confidence is the most important quality,” to which she adds “Just be yourself!”. So there you go, if you’re lucky enough to go on a date with this beautiful Colombian lady you will now have a big head-start.
Below we’ve got a 2 minute SFW video of Calypso’s photoshoot on Playboy, the video ends just before things get NSFW. Under the video you’ll find 4 SFW provocative pics from the same photoshoot. If you click on any of them you’ll be taken over to the official Playboy Plus website where the full uncensored HD 6 minute video of Calypso Muse can be viewed/downloaded and enjoyed, it gets NSFW around the 3 minutes 30 mark.

Altogether in the photoshoot there are 28 photos, most of them are NSFW. Calypso reveals all for Playboy, here are some of the SFW pics below. Can you resist the charms of this Colombian beauty?
Calypso Muse Lofty Views Girl in white denim shorts Playboy Upshorts Calypso Muse teases for Playboy PlusTo be transported directly to the Playboy Plus website where you can view Calypso and thousands of other beauties fully uncensored, feel free to click on the banner below. Many of the models there only take their clothes off for Playboy, because they don’t perceive it as porn, elsewhere they do fashion modelling. That makes the website unique and well worth visiting. Of course some of these ladies will eventually change their minds and ask for their pics and videos to be taken down, so download them while you can! Playboy Plus

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