The adorable and irresistible Miss Kari Sweets is out in the Sunshine wearing a tied cropped shirt with some really tight pink bikini bottoms.  She smiles, it’s possible that she can read your mind and she’s going to take the opportunity to tease you to see how you react.  Kari completely unties her bikini bottoms on one side and watches to see your face.  Is this just a tease or will she take them off completely?  You never know with a girl like Kari, but your pulse rate has risen and you are now as good as under her control.  To see more of this photoshoot just click on any of the four pics below.

Kari Sweets in tight bikini bottoms

Kari Sweets outdoors in pink bikini bottoms

Kari Sweets is posing outdoors in pink bikini bottoms

Girl unties her bikini bottoms

Hot girl unties her bikini bottoms

Is Kari Sweets about to remove her bikini bottoms?

Kari Sweets has just untied her bikini bottoms, is she about to remove them?