Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection – Green Mesh Shower

Kari Sweets has released another amazing video for her Ultimate Collection, it’s over 11 minutes long, we get to watch Kari in the shower wearing green mesh underwear (see thru), Kari Sweets is clearly having fun and enjoying the thought of you watching as she wiggles her amazing ass and even pulls her panties part way down.  To enjoy the full uncensored HD video just head over to the official Kari Sweets website >HERE< and you’ll be able to download it and add it to your collection.

Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-1 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-2 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-3 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-4 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-5 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-6 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-7 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-8 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-9 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-10 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-11 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-12 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-13 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-14 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-15 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-16 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-17 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-18 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-19 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-20 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-21 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-22 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-23 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-24 Kari_Sweets_Green_Mesh-25