Kandi – Blonde Assault (Party All Star)

Florida Sorority Girl Kandi from the wonderful Party All Star website is an amazing discovery!  This hot blonde is a stunner with an incredibly body, killer personality and a supreme ass.  You’ll be pleased to know there’s an uncensored video of Golden Girl Kandi called Blonde Assault, it’s an essential for everyone’s collection, to check out the download page now just head over >HERE<.  If your heart is still beating after watching then here’s another superb one >HERE< which will probably stop your heart for good (You have been warned).

Kandi-Blonde-Assault-1 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-2 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-3 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-4 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-5 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-6 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-7 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-8 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-9 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-10 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-11 Kandi-Blonde-Assault-12