Carlotta Champagne – Beach and Bubbles Zipset

Carlotta Champagne has just released a very special zipset which everyone is going to want to see, it’s called Beach 2 Bubbles.  First she heads off to the beach and gives you some wonderful views of her crotchless bikini.  It wasn’t long until some teenagers showed up and their jaws dropped (lucky day for them!), so Carlotta then headed to find someone more quiet and continued the shoot.  At the end of the day when she went home she was all covered in sand, she ran herself a hot bath and then kindly allowed the camera to continue where they left off, she was in such a fun mood that she even allowed naughty revealing close-ups of bubbles on her most intimate area, this is totally spectacular!  If you’re on your own now and you’d like to download and enjoy Carlotta Champagne’s naughty, revealing and fun zipset now just head over >HERE< to the download page; you’re going to have a party!!

Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-1 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-2 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-3 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-4 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-5 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-6 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-7 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-8 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-9 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-10 Carlotta-Champagne-Zip-11