Brooke Marks Cam Ghost Sex Tape

It’s now been discovered what happened in the house of Brooke Marks over Halloween!  First here’s the background; Brooke Marks had a haunted pillow case which could talk, when she washed it it multiplied into a number of haunted talking pillow cases, there’s a photo of a man on the pillow cases and Brooke was starting to fall for him, he seems to be looking at her wherever is in the room.  So over Halloween something very strange happened, Brooke felt as if she was falling in love with the pillow case, she was being overpowered by it, the pillow asked her to undress, it asked for a beer, then Brooke she doesn’t remember what happened next, however the cam was left on so let’s take a look!  To see the full uncensored version just head over to the official Brooke Marks website >HERE<.

Brooke-Marks-Ghost-1 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-2 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-3 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-4 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-5 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-6 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-7 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-8 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-9 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-10 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-11 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-12 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-13 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-14 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-15 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-16 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-17 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-18 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-19 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-20 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-21 brooke-marks-ghost