Charlie Rose on Bopping Babes

Charlie Rose wants to apologise for getting you in trouble, she’s been a bad girl and she wants to make it up to you.  Is there any way that this girl can make things up to you today?  Have you got any ideas?  Fortunately Charlie has an idea which she’s sure will be a winner, she’s going to perform a strip tease especially for you.  To watch a clip of the video now click on any of the screen-grabs below, or if you want to enjoy the full uncensored version simply head over to the official Bopping Babes website >HERE< and enjoy this girl’s special show just for you!

Charlie-Rose-Bopping-1 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-2 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-3 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-4 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-5 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-6 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-7 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-8 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-9 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-10 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-11 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-12 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-13 Charlie-Rose-Bopping-14