Alisa Kiss – Swimsuit Cosplay, Droid You’re Looking For

Alisa Kiss is wearing a Star Wars swimsuit and holding a lightsaber for her ‘Droid You’re Looking For’ photoshoot.  She gives us a great view of her wonderful figure in this tight outfit as she shows off her moves and makes it clear that she’s not to be messed with.  Would you dare to ask this droid warrior on a date?  To enjoy the full uncensored photoshoot of  Alisa Kiss along with many more simply head over >HERE< to her official website; you’re in for a real treat!

Alisa-Kiss-Droid-1 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-2 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-3 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-4 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-5 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-6 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-7 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-8 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-9 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-10 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-11 Alisa-Kiss-Droid-12