Sandra is a beautiful and stunning model who cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.  So far only Northwest Beauties partners YWF Models have got their hands on her, Sandra models in a number of outfits and gives an intimate and exquisite tease with lots of closeups which will send your pulse rate into overdrive.  The full uncensored 60 minutes is priceless and is available for download over on her official Northwest Beauties download page >HERE<.

YWF_Sandra_1 YWF_Sandra_2 YWF_Sandra_3 YWF_Sandra_4 YWF_Sandra_5 YWF_Sandra_6 YWF_Sandra_7 YWF_Sandra_8 YWF_Sandra_9 YWF_Sandra_10 YWF_Sandra_11 YWF_Sandra_12 YWF_Sandra_13 YWF_Sandra_14 YWF_Sandra_15 YWF_Sandra_16 YWF_Sandra_17 YWF_Sandra_18